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[Hoax] DEVIL FISH...............!!!

Following is a HOAX (FAKE) message showing pictures of a freaky fake fish washed up on a beach. The teeth and other bogus things are all artificial!!

It was first posted in an
eBay auction dated May 2006, where it was described as a "mummified sea monster corpse" . It is an artifact mimicking a fish like creature. The winning bidder paid $637!!! You can see the water mark of eBay on these pictures (a camera). You can see the archived eBay page at:

It was created by an artist called Juan Cabana from Florida, who is also considered responsible for the "merman or mermaid carcass" allegedly found washed up on beaches from South Africa to south Florida.

In March 2008, Cabana explained to the St. Petersburg Times that he not trying to fool people, rather these stories are part of his art!

More details are available at the following link:




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[SPAM] Bulk SMS+Bulk eMail+Marketing Database+SMS Short Code


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[SPAM] Hello ,

Subject: Hello ,

Hello ,

My Name is xxxxxxxx. from Sierra Loene in west Africa presently residing in Dakar senegal. I was impressed to seek my soul mate, and also i like to establish a long lasting relationship with you. I will be waiting for your reply so that i will give you my picture and more about me.

Thanks and waiting to hear from you soonest.

Love From,


>>> Below given is the new form of an old e-mail hoax message. It is the Return of the Butt Spider as Two-Striped Telamonia! - "Attack of the Butt Spider" (1999)

Please check the following links:


Subject variants:

Spider warning
Spider Under Florida Toilet Seat
A spider bite (please read) this could save ur life
Very Important-Please Read-Beware

Three women in North Florida turned up at hospitals over a 5-day period, all with the same symptoms.

Fever, chills, and vomiting, followed by muscular collapse, paralysis and finally, death.

There were no outward
signs of trauma.

Autopsy results showed toxicity in the blood. These women did not know each other and seemed to have nothing in common. It was discovered, however, that they had all visited the
same Restaurant (Olive Garden) within days of their deaths.. The Health Department descended on the restaurant , shutting it down. The food, water, and air conditioning were all inspected and tested, to no avail.

The big break came when a waitress at the restaurant was rushed to the hospital with similar symptoms. She told doctors that she had been on vacation, and had only went to the restaurant to pick up her check. size=5>

She did not eat or drink while she was there, but had used the restroom.

That is when one toxicologist, remembering an article he had read, drove out to the restaurant, went into the restroom and lifted the toilet seat

Under the seat, out of normal view , was a small spider. The spider was captured and brought back to the lab, where it was determined to be the Two-Striped Telamonia (Telamonia dimidiata), so named because of its reddened flesh color.&nb sp; This spider's venom is extremely toxic, but can take several days to take effect. They live in cold, dark, damp climates, and toilet rims provide just the right atmosphere.

Several days later a lawyer from Jacksonville showed up at a hospital emergency room. Before his death, he told the doctor, that he had been away on business, had taken a flight from Indonesia , changing planes in Singapore , before returning home. He did NOT visit (Olive Garden), while there. He did (as did all of the
other victims) have what was determined to be a puncture wound, on his right buttock.

 Investigators discovered that the flight he was on had originated in India .

The Civilian Aeronautics B oard (CAB) ordered an
immediate inspection of the toilets of all flights from India and
discovered the Two-Striped Telamonia (Telamonia dimidiata) spider's nests on 4 different planes!

It is now believed that these spiders can be anywhere in the country.

So please, before you use a public toilet, lift the seat to check for spiders. It can save your life!

And please pass this on to everyone you care about.


[SPAM] Your account was deleted


Subject: Your account was deleted

Sunday, 07 July Newsletter.
To read this e-mail online please go here

Subscriber ID: xxxxxxxxxx

(c) 2009 Aqtipjvub Inc.

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Comments: This is a bogus/fake e-mail.


Feng Shui

This is without a doubt one of the nicest good luck forwards I have received.. Hope it works for you -- and me!

Lotus Touts: You have 6 minutes

There's some mighty fine advice in these words, even if you're not superstitious. This Lotus Touts has been sent to you for good luck from the Anthony Robbins organization. It has been sent around the world ten times so far.

Do not keep this message.

The Lotus Touts must leave your hands in 6 MINUTES. Otherwise you will get a very unpleasant surprise. This is true, even if you are not superstitious, agnostic, or otherwise faith impaired.

ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other.

THREE. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want.

FOUR. When you say, 'I love you,' mean it.

FIVE. When you say, 'I'm sorry,' look the person in the eye.

SIX. Be engaged at least six months before you get married.

SEVEN. Believe in love at first sight.

EIGHT. Never laugh at anyone's dreams. People who don't have dreams don't have much.

NINE. Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely.

TEN.. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling.

ELEVEN. Don't judge people by their relatives.

TWELVE. Talk slowly but think quickly.

THIRTEEN! .. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, 'Why do you want to know?'

FOURTEEN. Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

FIFTEEN. Say 'bless you' when you hear someone sneeze.

SIXTEEN. When you lose, don't lose the lesson.

SEVENTEEN. Remember the three R's: Respect for self; Respect for others; and Responsibility for all your actions.

EIGHTEEN. Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship..

NINETEEN. When you realize you've made a mist ake, take immediate steps to correct it.

TWENTY. Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice

TWENTY- ONE. Spend some time alone.

Now, here's the FUN part!

Send this to at least 5 people and your life will improve.
1-4 people: Your life will improve slightly.

5-9 people: Your life will improve to your liking.

9-14 people: You will have at least 5 surprises in the next 3 weeks

15 and above: Your life will improve drastically and everything you ever dreamed of will begin to take shape.

A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.
Do not keep this message.

[CHAIN Letter] Prayer for finance (it works)

I claimed it for you - now claim it for me.
God has more than a thousand
Ways to provide for us, that we know nothing about.
Here is your financial blessing!

It's a simple prayer, you got 30 Seconds?

Don't sleep on this...Someone recently read this for the first time and
Received exactly enough for a $0 balance on all credit cards..

If you need a financial blessing, continue reading this e-mail.

Heavenly Father, most Gracious and Loving God,
I pray to you that you
Abundantly bless my family and me.
I know that you recognize, that a
Family is more than just a mother, father, sister,
brother, husband and
Wife, but all who believe and trust in You.

GOD, I send up a prayer request for
financial blessing for not only the
Person who sent this to me,
but for me and all that I have forwarded
This message on to.
And that the power of joined prayer by those who
Believe and trust in you is more powerful than anything.!
I thank you in
Advance for your blessings.
God, deliver the person reading this right
Now from debt and debt burdens.

Release your Godly wisdom that I may be a
good steward over all that you
Have given me GOD, for I know how
wonderful and mighty you are and how
If we just obey you and walk in your word
and have the faith of a
Mustard seed that you will pour out blessings.

I thank you now Lord for
The recent blessings I have received and for
the blessings yet to come,
Because I know you are not done with me yet.
In Jesus name Amen

TAKE 60 SECONDS and send this on quickly and within hours, you will have
Caused a multitude of people to pray to God for each other. Then sit
Back and watch the power of God work in your life for doing the thing That you know He loves..Peace and Blessings....
Have Faith

Image removed by sender.
8 angels are sent 2 you,

You must send them to 8 people including me.

In 8 minutes you will receive something you have long awaited.


Subject: Charge Your Mobile battery With Peepal Leaves ..!!...No Electricity Required...!!!

Now, you do not require any mobile charger to charge your mobiles. Only there is need to use green leaf of peepal tree and after some time your mobile will get charged..

No soon the people came to learn this development, they tested it and found encouraging results. If your mobile has been discharged and you are inside a jungle then you need not to use any charger. You Should pluck two peepal leaves and your work would be done.

It is very good idea and easy to charge your mobile. You would have to open your mobile battery and connect it with peepal leaf. After that without shaking mobile set you should set the battery in your mobile set. After some time your mobile would be charged.

Though it is unbelievable but as soon as the residents of Chitrakoot came to know about the discovery they could not believe the news. But when they saw it practically then the incident proved true.

Now hundreds of mobile holders are using this technique and charging their mobiles.

Whereas according to the botanists, it is just changing mutual energy into electrical energy power can be saved in battery. Similarly, it is also possible. They said that it is the subject of research.

Step by Step guide to charge your mobile battery using peepal leaf

1- Open your mobile cover

2- Take out your battery

3- Take two to three fresh leaves of peepal/pipal/ ashwattha tree

4- Touch the stub of these leaves on your mobile battery terminal for a minute

5- Clean the mobile battery terminal with the soft cloth

6- Put your battery again in your mobile and switch it on

7- Now you can see the result

8- If required repeat the process with fresh leaves



This is a Hoax Message. Please see the following link for more details:


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