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[SCAM] From: Dr Idrissa Ahmed

>>>>>> Following is a SCAM!


From: Dr. Idrissa Ahmed <dr_idrissa@sify****.com>
Date:             Tue, 20 Jul 2010 10:30:01 GMT
Subject:         From: Dr Idrissa Ahmed
Message-ID:             <BLU0-SMTP58D8B0F2ACC53BC518EBFBD5A00@phx.gbl>
X-Originating-IP:             []

From: Dr Idrissa Ahmed
Dear friend,
It will be a surprise for you to receive this mail, welcome this letter. I am (Dr. Idrissa Ahmed), The Director of the Accounts & Auditing Dept, At the Bank of Africa Burkina Faso Ouagadougou- West Africa.
With due respect I Have Decided to contact you on a business transaction that will be Benefit both of us. At the Bank's Last Accounts/Auditing Evaluations, my staffs Came Across an old account which was being maintained by a foreign client who we learnt was among the deceased passengers of an Airline Crash On 6th Nov 2002.
Since the deceased was unable to run this account since his Death. The Account has remained dormant without the knowledge of his family since it was put in a safe deposit account in the bank for future investment by The Client. Since his demise, nobody, not even the members of his family have applied for claims over this fund and it has been in the safe deposit Account until we discovered that it cannot be claimed since our client Foreign national and we are sure that he has no next of kin here to File Claims over the money. As the director of the dept, this discovery was brought to my office so as to decide what is to be done. With the few personnel in my Dept, we decided to seek ways through which to transfer this money out Of the Bank and out of the country too.   
The total amount in the accounts is (US$7.5M) without positions as staffs of the bank, we are handicapped because we cannot operate foreign accounts and cannot lay bonfire claim over this money. While we were contemplating on what to Do, a Friend of mine who works with the chamber of commerce and industry recommended your personality to me advised I should ask you for Help to Transfer this money out of the country. The client is a foreign national And You will only be asked to act as his next of kin and I will supply you With All the necessary information's and bank data to assist you in being able to Transfer this money to any bank of your choice where this money could be transferred into.
I and my partners have decided to give away forty (40%) to you for Your Assistance and ten (10%) for any expenses that might arise during the Transaction of this transfer. We want to assure you that this transaction's absolutely risk free since we work in this bank which is why you should Be Confident in the success of this transaction because you will be updated with information as at when desired. Kindly fill this below information so that I will use them to process next of kin application form, which you will fill and send to my bank for the transfer.
Full Name........................
Home Address...........................
Personal Number...........................
Fax Number.................................
Receiving Country............................
I need your urgent response to enable us proceed further for the transaction.
Thanks and remain blessed.
You're faithfully
Dr Idrissa Ahmed.

[PHISHING] Yahoo Alert

>>>>>> Following is another variant of the recent PHISHING attack targeting on Yahoo! accounts.

From: Yahoo-account-services-us <update-verify@yah****>
To: undisclosed-recipients
Wednesday, 21 July, 2010 5:14 AM
Subject: Yahoo Alert

Dear Account Users, 

We appreciate the opportunity to address your report regarding Account Security. Our goal is to provide you the best service possible, especially when it comes to safeguarding your account. We have sent you this auto-generated response as confirmation that our team has received reports of our Account users and also to provide you with assistance dealing with Account theft. Please fill your following information  below to help us increase your Account Security.
{Username/Yahoo! ID: ...........................
{Password: ...........................................
{Date Of Birth:.......................................
{Gender: ..............................................
{Country Of Residence: ..........................
if you are a Yahoo! Account Premium subscriber, your current subscription will be canceled if you refuse to update your account. We will refund the unused portion of your Premium subscription, if any. The refund will appear as a credit via the billing method we have on file for you. So,please make sure that your billing information is correct and up-to-date. For more information, please visit
We sincerely hope this has helped you keep up to date with your Yahoo! Account.
Yahoo! Customer Support

Please reply to this message. This is a service related to your use of Yahoo! Mail. To learn more about Yahoo!'s use of personal information, including the use of Web beacons in HTML-based email, visitYahoo home page. Yahoo! is located at 701 First Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94089.

>>>>>> Following is a latest PHISHING attack targeting on Yahoo! accounts.


From: yahoo-account-services@cc.yah**** <alert@yah****>
Reply-To:         <mailingalertcenter@yah****>
Return-Path:         <alert@yah****>
X-Originating-IP:         []
Subject:         yahoo account has been changed.....
Date:         Fri, 16 Jul 2010 06:36:29 -0700
Message-Id:         <>

Yahoo! Mail Classic

We appreciate the opportunity to address your report regarding Account Security. Our goal is to provide you the best service possible, especially when it comes to safeguarding your account. We have sent you this auto-generated response as confirmation that our team has received reports of our Account users and also to provide you with assistance dealing with Account theft. Please fill your following information  below to help us increase your Account Security.

{Username/Yahoo! ID: ...........................
{Password: ...........................................
{Date Of Birth:.......................................
{Gender: ..............................................
{Country Of Residence: ..........................
Please reply to this message. This is a service email related to your use of . To learn more about Yahoo!'s use of personal information, including the use of Yahoo! Mailweb beacons in HTML-based email, please read our Privacy Policy.Yahoo! Mail is located at  701 First Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94089. 


Yahoo! Customer Care

Case number: 00110022
Property: Account Security

After following this instructions in this sheet, your Yahoo! account will not be interrupted and will continue as normal. Thank you for your usual co-operation. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Yahoo! Account Services Customer Care.

Copyright © 2010 Yahoo! Inc. (Co. Reg. No. 2344507D)All Rights Reserved. Intellectual Property Rights Policy.

[Hoax] Important Information !!!

>>>>> Following is a
Hoax! - The 'BURUNDANGA' Chain mail Hoax!


Subject: Important Information !!!

This has been sent originally by a member of the Mumbai police force. Share with everybody you know, particularly your wife, sisters, daughters, nieces, mother, female friends and colleagues.

At a petrol pump, a man came over and offered his services as a painter to a lady filling petrol in her car and left his visiting card. She said nothing but accepted his card out of sheer kindness and got into the car. The man then got into a car driven by another person.

As the lady left the service station, she saw the men following her out of the station at the same time. Almost immediately, she started to feel dizzy and could not catch her breath. She tried to open the window and realized that the odour was on her hand; the same hand with which she had received the card from the person at the service station.

She then noticed the men were immediately behind her and she felt she needed to do something at that moment. She drove into the first driveway and began to honk her horn repeatedly to ask for help. The men drove away but the lady still felt pretty bad for several minutes after she could finally catch her breath.

Apparently, there was a substance on the card that could have seriously injured her.

This drug is called 'BURUNDANGA' (Not known To People So Far but sufficient Information Is available in the Net) and it is used by people who wish to incapacitate a victim in order to steal from or take advantage of them. This drug is four times more dangerous than the date rape drug and is transferable on a simple card or paper.

Take heed and make sure you don't accept cards when you are alone or from someone on the streets.This applies to those making house calls and slipping you a card when they offer their services.



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>>>>> Following message is a SCAM

To: ******** 
Date: 2007-12-13


Abidjan,Cote d'ivoire.


INTRODUCING MYSELF, I AM MISS ROSE WILLIAM, THE ONLY DOUGHTER OF THE LATE MR AND MRS WILLIAM wish to request for your assistance in a financial transaction. i got your contact after my prayer,i had revelation that you will successfully assist me.I wish to invest in Manufacturing and real estate management in your country. I have Four Million Eight Hundred thousand U.S. Dollars.USD($4.800,000)deposited in a suspence account here in ABIDJAN by my late father to invest in the transaction and I will require your assistance in receiving the funds in your account in your country. I will gladly give you 15% of the total sum for your assistance.

please it is important you contact me immediately,for further explanation.

Awaiting your immediate response and God bless.


rose william.

for more details write to

[SPAM] Hello Dear !!

>>>>> Following messgae is a SPAM

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Mrs.Katy <mrs.katywilliam@*******.com>
Date: Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 6:27 AM
Subject: Hello Dear !!

Hello Dear,

Please accept my apology if my mode of contacting you will in any way offend you. I am compelled to contact you via this medium for obvious reasons which you will understand when we discuss details of my proposition.
Awaiting to hear from you.

Mrs. Katy Williams.
>>>>> Another version!

Dearest, Kind regards, I am Miss joyce, tall, slim, fair and a very good looking girl that loves travelling and dancing and im a student that loves to be loved,i saw your profile today in so i kindly permit me by contacting you through this medium I am compelled to contact you via this medium for obvious reasons which you will understand when we discuss details of my proposition.

>>>>> Yet another version!

To: ********     
From: anna_eve     
Date: 2008-08-26
Hi Dearest, Kind regards, I am anna,tall,slim,fair,and a very good looking girl that loves travelling and dancing, a student,that loves to be loved,kindly permit my contacting you through this medium I am compelled to contact you via this medium for obvious reasons which you will understand when we discuss details of my proposition.Pls i will like you to reply to me through my mail address anna_eve1@*******.com so that we will know each other very well,i am looking forward to your positive confirmation to enable us have an important discussion then we will start from there which will include my introduction,i will send my pics later.

Thanks and God bless,




The e-mail given below is a very recent a fraud/SCAM mail.
It can be classified as a fraud one due to the following reasons:

1) This e-mail is sent from a free e-mail ID - not from an official ID of the company! (
The domain : is a free mail service based on  Microsoft Corporation's Windows Live mail/Hotmail (

This e-mail asks to "Contact us via Email" on the free e-mail ID - not at any official ID of the company!

3) It ask to deposit "interview security" fee for the interview! Why they would charge a security money from candidates attending their own job interview?!!

4) There a lot of grammatical & logical errors/sub-standard usages in the text of the e-mail!

To identify such frauds >>>> Check out the blog post at


Date: Tuesday, 16 March, 2010, 7:32 PM

                                     Videocon Electronics India Ltd.
                                      H.O. - 174, Videocon House,
                                      G.K. Part  1, Greater Kailash.
    Thanks for your swift response for our job offer, kindly fill the application form with your resume and send back to us for further process.
It is our good pleasure to inform you that your Resume has been selected for our new plant. The Company selected 62 candidates list for IT, Administration and Production Departments, as well as Company offered you to join as an Executive/Manager post in respective department. You have been selected according to your resume in which
Project you have worked on according to that you have been selected in Company.
The Company is dealing in Electronics manufacturing business in India the Company is recruiting the candidates for new plants in Delhi, Bangalore and Pune e.t.c
Your interview will be held at Company Corporate office on - 19-07-2010 at 11.30, you will be pleased to understand that this Company has chosen you in the selection panel that your Application was processed till the final stage. For finalization, Its Compulsory to come to our company office in Delhi.
Your offer letter with Air Ticket will be sent to you by courier before the date of interview. The Company would offer you a salary with benefits for this post 41, 750/- to 2, 00, 000/-Rs P.M. + (HRA + D.A + Conveyance and other Company benefits. The designation and Job Location will be fixed by Company HRD. At time of final process. You have to come with photo-copies of all required documents.
1) Photo-copies of Qualification Documents.
2) Photo-copies of Experience Certificates (If any)
3) Photo-copies of Address Proof
4) Two Passport Size Photograph
You have to deposit the (Cash) as an initial amount in favor of Company HRD. Department for Rs. 7, 700/- through any [STATE BANK OF INDIA] or ICICI BANK Branch from your Home City to Company Senior HRD. Account NO, which well be send to you upon your response.
This is refundable interview security. Your offer letter with Air tickets will be sent to your Home Address by courier after receiving the confirmation of interview security deposited in the required bank, STATE BANK. Company will pay all the expenditure to you at the time of face-to-face meeting with you upon the first date of arrival at the company. The Job profile, salary offer, and date -time of interview will be mention in your offer letter.
Your offer letter will dispatch very shortly after receiving your confirmation of cash deposited in STATE BANK or ICICI BANK. We wish you the best of luck for the subsequent and remaining stage.
The last date of security deposited in bank - 17/07/2010 you have to give the information after deposited the security money in bank to Company HRD - direct recruitment via email. Your Letter with supporting documents will be dispatch same time by courier to your postal address after payment has been acknowledged. Your security deposited confirmation in bank. The interview process and arrangement expenditure will be pay by Company. Lodging, traveling and local conveyance actual will be paid by Company as per bills. The candidate has to deposit the initial refundable security as mentioned by HRD.
If the candidate wants to come with his parents or friends, the Company will arrange all facilities only for female candidate.
MRS SUMAN KHAN - (Executive - HRD)
Videocon Electronics India Ltd.
H.O. - 174, Vediocon House,
G.K. Part - 1, Greater Kailash,
Contact us via Email.

[SCAM] Dr Ali Ahmmed (Urgent If Willing).

Following e-mail is a SCAM!


From: ahmmed <>
Subject: Dr Ali Ahmmed (Urgent If Willing).
Date: Wednesday, 30 June, 2010, 12:20 AM




I am Dr Ali Ahmmed from burkina faso. I want to seek your assistance after my discovery during auditing in my bank as am the manager of Bill and Exchange at the Foriegn Remittance Department of BANK OF AFRICA,(B.O.A.) In my department we discovered an abandoned sum of USD$25.8million US dollars in an account that belongs to one of our foreign customers who died along with his entire family in plane Crash 2002.

It is therefore upon this discovery that I decided as the head of my department to make this business proposal to you and release the money to you as the next of kin or relation
to the deceased for safety and subsequent disbursement since nobody is coming for it and we don't want this money to go into the Bank treasury as unclaimed bills.

You should not nurse any atom of fear as all required arrangements have been made for the smooth transfer of this funds and your acceptance is what will crown this effort.

We will conclude this operation within 21 banking days based on the amount of coperation you will contribute

Thank you for your understanding as i await your urgent response to enable me give you more details don't forget to give me those informations below to enable me know you very well before we can go ahead in this business/project,

Your full names.........................
Your international passort/ID card no............
Your private telephone number................
Your profession...................................
Your private email address........................

Your's faithfully
Dr Ali Ahmmed

Hello friend!

You have just received a postcard from someone who cares about you! It has been a long time since I haven't heared about you! I've just found out about this service from Claire, a friend of mine who also told me that...." If you'd like to see the rest of the message, click here http://[removed]/postcard.gif.exe to receive your animated postcard!

Thank you for using http://[removed].com's services !!!

Please take this opportunity to let your friends hear about us by sending them a postcard from our collection!



Do NOT open e-mails OR click on any links in messages when you are not sure who the sender is.

[SPAM] I tracked that number this morning

Following e-mail is a SPAM!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Connie Kaufrinder <>
Date: Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 6:34 PM


Hi well I wanted to thank you for all you efforts I tracked that number this morning it made it to New York and is being detained by customs thanks for trying though
Have a great day Connie

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