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Following is hoax message!
The linked website does not belong to BSNL!

*BSNL 4G ExPress SIM Launched*

With every 4G ExPress SIM you get unlimited data and calls for 1 year, with additional freebies.

*BSNL 4G ExPress SIM features :*

_Unlimited 4G Internet_
_Unlimited Calls_
_Unlimited SMS_
_4G Internet Speed Upto 10 Mbps_
_Free SIM Card_

Get your *FREE* BSNL 4G ExPress SIM Card Today

Register Now :

_Offer is valid till 31st Dec, 2016_

Following is a hoax message! 
Please do not click the link.

Now,You can do Whatsapp Without Internet From Today. Whatsapp launches Ultra-Light Wifi Feature to Enjoy Free 3G Internet wherever you go for whatsapp application, Click On Below Link to Activate Now -

Following is a hoax/spam message circulating in India via Whatsapp and other social media platforms.

*₹ 500 Balance For Every Indian* 
 Modiji Giving Free Balance. Click here


SMS SPAM - Unlimited Glamor Videos

Following is a SMS SPAM Message!

Unlimited Glamor Videos

Visit link of Unlimited Glamor Videos and enjoy free content

Unlimited VIDEOS and GAMES All at One Store


Following is a spam message received via SMS.

Get "Aviva Life Insurance" Savings plan, Child plan, Retirement plan & Protection plan. For guidance from our expert advisors. 

Give missed call on +918286398724

Hoax - Urgent Very Urgent - People have been receiving calls

The following message is a hoax!

*Urgent Very Urgent ...*

Please pass around to your family and friends...!!!

People have been receiving calls from
any number starting from
+371 number
One ring & hang up.
*If you call back it's one of those Numbers that are charged 15-30$*
they can copy your contact list in 3sec
If U have bank
Credit card details on your phone,
they can copy that too...

+375 is from Belarus From Afghanista..
+371 is code for Lativa...
+381 is serbia
+563- is code of Valparaiso
+370- is code of Vilnius
+255- is code of Tanzania
And these calls may under ISIS
*Don't answer*
or *Call back.*

AND SHARE this to your friends and family VERY IMP't MSG...

PLEASE READ... this...

Don't Press
on your Mobile No...

Please take care,
Please Do Not Dial this When Asked.

Please circulate URGENTLY.

*New Trick of popular Terrorists to Frame Innocent People...!!!*

There is a fraud company using a device that once you press
they can access your SIM card
Make calls at your expense.

Forward this message to as many friends as U can, to stop it.

(A Government of India Enterprise).


Fake - Hoax - Buy Samsung Note 4 at *650 Rs* from Amazon

Following is a Fake/Hoax message!
The link does not belong to Amazon.

Do not click or forward!

*(Deal Alert)*

_Buy Samsung Note 4 at *650 Rs* from Amazon._

✔MI 5 *₹249*

✔HTC Desire 820s *₹329*

✔Coolpad Note 5 *₹349*

Deal Valid Till Stock Remain. *Click here to Buy -*


The following is a Hoax/Spam message circulating in India chiefly via Whatsapp after the currency demonetization by Indian Prime Minister Nrendra Modi.

The linked site is a fake one.

Do not click or forward!

*CashLess India's 1st Step By Modiji*
Get Free Rs200 Recharge Just By Click here


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