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[SPAM] Reply

----- Original Message -----
From: "Engr. Peters Kofo" <>
Sent: Saturday, November 14, 2009 4:47 AM
Subject: Reply

Good day,

It is my pleasure to contact you for a business venture which I hope you
able to assist out. Actually I am Engr. Peters Kofo a Reverend and the
protection clerk of the Liberian refugee camp here in Bujumbura, near Accra,
Ghana.Like I told you earlier I got your information  from the Ghana
chamber of commerce and Industry.

I have been approached by young Elizabeth Eyadema  of the Late Gnassingbe
Eyadema Ex- President of Togo Lome and her sick brother to assist them look
a reliable and trustworthy person who will assist them receive and invest
inheritance fund of 8 Million Euro contained in two safe deposit box which
was sent to Brussels International Airport, Belgium three weeks ago, the
diplomat is suppose to deliver the boxes to their family partner Mr. Alfred
Lofty  in Brussels ,Belgium. Upon getting there it was discover that the
was involved in a ghastly car accident which cost him his life. His lawyer
given power of attorney for us to look for a new person to receive the box
the diplomat in Brussels International Airport, Belgium .

If you can assist the family receive theses boxes from the diplomat in
International Airport, Belgium , then reply to me immediately, as the family
very worried that they might lost 8 Million Euro which they say is in the
The family that they are willing to part with 25% from the total money if
can assist to receive the boxes from Brussels Belgium.You will also help
buy a house and invest in your country for a percentage fee, so that they
move over to continue their education in Europe .God bless you as you read
email and as well give you understanding to help.Send me the below
so that I can give them to the diplomat so that we can make arrangement to

1)scan copy of your ID
2)Residential Address
3)Fax number

Thanks and as I await your mail. Please reply soon.

Engr. Peters Kofo


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