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[SCAM] Sorry for delay

Following is a SCAM!


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) <>
Date: 2010/10/16
Subject: Sorry for delay


    Sorry for delay you mail came as spam in my company mail but you can write back to this mail
mail while, Immediately I got your email I gave up search for reputable personnel to transact this deal with you. And I believe strongly within me that you are capable of the transaction without any misappropriation. I will need us to do this business deal clean and fast without it attracting third party until we are through with the transaction and I am in your country for the percentage sharing as discussed. I will need your prompt attention to every detail and you must assure me that you will do your best until the finalization of the contract between both of us before coming down to your country for the percentage sharing. All this ought not to take more than A WEEK?
Thanks once more for your prompt reply to my mail; I am very willing to forge ahead with you. Like I said in my first letter, I am the chairman of the Contract Award Committee of the OIL AND GAS Industry here in Nigeria and would like to ask for your partnership in re-profiling funds over US$10.6M.
I sent our current conversational status to the security company and have received the authority to proceed and get some clarifications both ways.
I would need some information as follows:

(1) What is your name once again?
(2) Have you handled large funds, and successfully?
(3) Can you be entrusted with large fund without any misappropriation?

   All the answers will be kept very confidential. Hence answer the questions in honesty, and let me know I am comfortable with you.
I want to assure you that this transaction is 100% legal hence risk free. It will be as safe as you receiving a parcel. The complete amount available for you for re profiling is presently over $10.6m and the 30% still stands
Once I get your name or company name, address, for identity to replace that of and re profile the portfolio accordingly, then I will get the company Attorney document the paper works for the international client.

Best regards,
Engr.Mr Richard Akinjide

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