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>>>> Following is an interesting SCAM message with instructions on how to find their SCAM/SPAM in ones JUNK/SPAM mail folders.....!!!



----- Original Message -----
Sent: Wednesday, October 27, 2010 8:55 PM
Subject: RE: Hi

UK Office: 24 Wellford park, London. United Kingdom

Contact Person: Daniel Thomson

Tel:  +448719962815­


 Contact Halifax Bank Plc for Final Transfer of 500,000,


Dear Winner


Congratulations once again. Now that we are in receipt of your details, we like to inform you that your details has clearly shown that you are the certified winner that we have produced and on that note again we say congratulations to you and your entire household. Your claims will be a step-by-step approach and all you need do is follow instructions as they come. Without many introductions I am DR Daniel Thomson and I am the United Kingdom zonal co-coordinator and agent of Google Cooperation here in the United Kingdom and I will be in charge of your claims processing. You have won prizes from us. A cash prize of 5, 00, 000, 00 (five hundred thousand)  

The prize (five hundred thousand pounds) all documentations will be fully parcelled to you.


We passed it to other board of directors for final approval of payment. Therefore you are now entitled to your full winnings FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND pounds cash which by now has already been encoded in a bank transfer code. This is also to brief you of other winners that I am presently handling and to let you know their status. As  


All you need do now is to visit the issuing bank with the details below to,


Consumer Finance, Corporate Banking & Investment Capital   

London Oxford Street, 60 Oxford Street, W1D 1BJ United Kingdom.

 tel: (+44)8719965175

Registered no. sc327000.



When sending an email to the accounts department you should note the following.
*You should write the bank and let them know your full details. (Name, address and contact numbers)
*You should supply them with the encoded transfer code worth  FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND  cash (M17269)
*Again the code is M17269

Remember that after you must have contacted the bank , They will then be able to  transfer to your bank account there in your country. Congratulations and note that you only have a deadline of one week from now to complete the transfer of your prize money Therefore you should act as quickly as possible. We have contacted the MINISTRY OF FINANCE (MFF)

Do not also fail to update me with whatever is happening between you and the bank so I can give feedbacks to my company's board of directors.
NOTE: You must add the bank's email to your email address book or contact list so that you can have emails delivered to your inbox mail folder. You should also ensure you check your JUNK/SPAM mail filter regularly to ensure that you do not lose any emails from them.

 Mr Daniel  Thomson


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