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[SCAM] UNCC, UK - US$950,000.00 compensation transfer payment

>>>> Following is a new variant of the UNCC SCAM!

Courtesy: An active user of


Hello sir,

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your email as regards your US$950,000.00 compensation transfer payment.

We received an urgent memo early this morning from our head office to process your US$950,000.00 from our paying bank for transfer to your bank account within the next 3 working days.

Your US$950,000.00 will be credited to your bank account directly by telegraphic bank transfer within 3 working days and copies of the funds transfer documents will be forwarded to you and your bankers for confirmation.

Kindly fill the attached Payment Form (Form UNCxxx-xx) and return back to us today by fax or email attachment for immediate remittance of your US$950,000.00 to your nominated bank account in your country.

Our secure fax number is: 448448121853.

To ensure that your funds transfer is processed efficiently, all required beneficiary information should be completed.

The Payment Form has also been attached below in Plain format for your convenience.

If at any time you have questions, concerns or comments, please contact us as we strive to ensure that you will always receive a prompt and courteous attention.


Mrs. Elisabeth Crudgington
Payment Coordinator

FULL NAMES: ______________________________
______ __________________

CONTACT ADDRESS: ____________________________________ __________________

AGE: __________ SEX: _____________ OCCUPATION: _____________

TELEPHONE: ___________________________ FAX _________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS: ____________________________________ __________________


BANK DRAFT OR CHEQUE: _________________________________________

TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFER: _______________________________

(Designated bank account details for telegraphic transfer option)






I...................................., HEREBY DECLARE THAT THE ABOVE DATA ARE CORRECT AND TRUE.

DATE: _______________________

SIGNATURE: _______________________


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