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>>>> Following is a SCAM!


Dear Brother,

Thank you for your email, I have already made discrete enquiries as to the best way to move these funds from here. Due to the events of 9 / 11, financial laws have been tightened and I will not want anything to happen to either one of us or the funds now so this is what I need you to do.

You are to immediately make contact with one of the private institution that I know to be very proficient in handling such transaction as ours. I know this as I have inside knowledge as someone who has been in this industry for a longtime and I have done my investigation well on the offshore financial institution. The institution is affiliated with my bank and any transfer to this bank will seen as an in house transfer (bank to bank transfer). They will also be given the credit advice to settle the estate.

I have sent you the bank information below so you can email them and request on how you can apply for an online / offshore account.You will have to perfect this arrangement as soon as possible as the International Remittance Department of the (CSB) will request the offshore banking detail as soon as the ratification exercise is over.

Please find below the banks informations:

Tel: +447045702557
Fax: +447005921371

Please contact the bank with the above informations to Open an account, which we shall use as our intermediary point to transfer the money to our domestic account. From my investigations this bank is very solid and maintains very high level of confidentiality, which is an essential key to success in this transaction. Once you have opened and activated the account with them, you must then provide me with the account details in order that I can start to initiate the wire instruction using my position here.

Once this is done, please forward the details of the account (account name, account number, sort code etc) to me so I can make immediate arrangements for the funds to be credited into that account from CSB.

I will await an update. Please do make contact with the bank I had to remain awake to get the notification about this contact details, you know the time differencce.I call you Brother so you know the trust we have in each other is that of blood siblings.God Bless you for your positive resolve to affect our lives.

Please email me back as soon as you have emailed the bank.

Your Sister and Partner,

Mrs Amy Chan,

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