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>>> Following is a latest 2011 version of the UN Compensation Commission (UNCC) SCAM, reported by a regular user of Latest SPAMs and Hoaxes Blog.

This time the fraudsters would like to lure you by adding some new reference as: "in affiliation with IMF Campaign for Global Economic Crisis eradication"......!!


---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: Fri, February 25, 2011 7:34:11 AM
From: United Nations Compensation Campaign

Greetings to you.

On behalf of the United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC) in affiliation with IMF Campaign for Global Economic Crisis eradication, we wish to notify you as a beneficiary of $500,000.00 USD in compensation of scam victims,your email address happen to be on list for fiscal year 2011 payment. Do contact Standard Chartered Bank plc, for verification and release of your $500,000.00 USD that we have deposited with the STANDARD CHARTERED BANK by the UNCC.

All participants for the online version were selected randomly from World Wide Web sites through computer draw system and extracted from
over 100,000 unions, associations, and corporate bodies that are listed online. This promotion takes place annually.

The account log on will be presented to you by the bank in order to access the funds before releasing into your nominated bank account. You will transfer the funds into your nominated account on-line as the STD CHARTERED BANK will provide the necessary information to you. Please if you are willing to accept the funds, do contact the Managing Director of the STANDARD CHARTERED BANK with the following details: You are to fill the appropriate form and submit to the bank.

[1] Full Names:_______________
[2] Contact address:_____________________________
[3] Direct Telephone No: ________________
[4] Occupation : _________________________
[5] Age :_______________

Note: You are to contact Our Online Co-ordinator for details.
Name:Ms Roseline Carter
Contact Email:

Yours Faithfully,
Mr.Stephen Green
Tel : +447031890368 (Call for verification 24hrs)

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