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>>>> Following is a SCAM message!

The reply from the SCAMer is also given asking to contact one Mr. Eric O Douglas!

Never give any personal/bank details to such SCAMers. The best way around is DO NOT respond to such messages!


---------- Forwarded message ----------

Dear Ms.Johnson,

Sequel to the message which you received from the United Nation Compensation Commission (UNCC). If you had received a message from them that means you are amongst listed people to be compensated.

Base on the instructions/agreement reached with the United Nations Compensation commission UNCC, we are directed to follow international standard processing and securing the necessary back up clearance of this said funds in your favor. Note that this fund $265,000.000.00 is the total sum of what United Nations mapped out to settle individuals in general. The amount that you are going to receive is $2,200,000 USD only.

Furthermore, this fund($2.2Million) has been assigned to a bank here in USA in form of financial bond. Name of the bank is JP Morgan Chase Bank. For your confirmation, find the below details:

FYI: To confirm the availability of fund/Bond, take the following steps; For EURO CLEAR VERIFICATION, you have to visit the EURO CLEAR website "" to verify the bond, when the page opens, go to the EURO CLEAR BANK, under it click on 'SECURITIES DATABASES 'when it opens tick the circle marked "ISIN", and then type in the following ISIN numbers, bond number "US46625HGY09" it is beside EQUALS, then scroll down and hit the search key. A result will appear indicating the validity of the BOND and also for you to know that the Bond is registered with Euro Clear, since it will show just one (1) result found in the name JP Morgan Chase Bank.

Confirm this and get back to me after this confirmation.Thereafter, I shall forward the details of contact person in charge of this transaction at the bank to you. Congratulations!!! You can give me a call on this number: 646-340-0836.Do not forget to include your full contact details when replying.

Confirm the receipt and understanding of this message.

Yours truly,

Mr. Eric Douglas,
UN Financial Services Representative,
Global Agency and Trust Services

>>>> A reply sent to the SCAMer is given below:

On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 8:51 PM, <*******> wrote:

Please explain the actions I must take to further investigate this matter. Thank you-
>>>> The reply from the SCAMer is given below:

NB: You are advised to re-confirm your information to the assigned official to avoid transfer lapses.

Contact Code (20-10-UN/DC33-503)
Contact Person: Mr. Eric O Douglas
Position: UN Financial Services Representative,
Global Agency and Trust Services division of Chase Bank.
Direct Tel: 646-340-0836

Thank you,

Mr Darrell Ivans
United Nations Compensation Commission UNCC.
United States Of America.


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