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Following is a SPAM !!


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Johan Persyn <>
Date: Tue, May 29, 2012 at 7:46 PM
Subject: I decided to sent you a copy of this letter because you are a friend of me on social media.
To: Annemie Declercq <>

> Dear friend,

  Last 2 years a lot of nice things have  happened to me and I wrote a letter
  to my best friends in GIN. I decided to sent you a copy of this letter
  because you are a friend of me on social media.
 This is the testimony :
> I want to tell you about the changes we made the last 2 years since
> Annemie (my soul-mate,love and partner) and me live together and or
> both members of Gin.
> I didn't know about the law of attraction 3 years ago and I'd planned
> my life to be on my own. In the night and on free day's I was studying
> personal development, management and marketing, I bought from
> internet some books and audio's. That's how I became on the mailing
> list of KT. Only his connection with Joe Vitale from 'The Secret' and
> his connections with Nightingale Conant brought me on that list. I
> bought the CD series YWYC, listen to them, had a lot of questions and
> was very curious about the knowledge, did my own research, became
> affiliate, became member. Suddenly, I attracted Annemie again in my
> life ( she was a friend of the church I went in the region where I
> lived 30 years ago ). My picture had stayed all that time in her
> wallet.
> We (Annemie and Johan) are now GIN - members and our home is Belgium.
> Our house is in the dutch part, we go very often to the 'Arden s
> '(french part). We love to travel (to speak other languages, feel the
> nature and learn about there 'cuisine', to go to museums and
> historical places ) together last 2 years in 'The Netherlands',
> Suisse, France and Spain. We shouldn't have done that if we didn't
> wanted to expand our knowledge and vision. To apply the basics from
> the success mastery of Gin and understanding that I can make a
> difference and that it is up to me if I want results, that I have to
> make it and choose my own goals, is a key step in the direction of a
> better world . I talked a lot about Gin with Annemie and the dream
> live we can make and I convinced her 1 year ago to become a GIN -
> member . I'm very pleased to see her every day (!) active on her
> goals and dreams, just like me. We parent 5 children ( 4 children
> between 12 Y - 17 Y ) . And in the last 2 Years it is a very happy
> situation with all of us.
> We keep the vibration high with positive with inspirational video's
> and audio's from GIN. We looks fewer and fewer to television, we
> listen to good music, we eat organic food, we drink more and more
> water and stopped with soda - drinks. We make often promenades on the
> beach together and play with our dog every day . Our children are now
> interested in sport, community,science and history. We've made
> progress as parents because we listen to the audio's of Gin every
> week, we started to read the books Gin recommended. We could
> implement a lot of advice's we have listen to last years. We have
> new habits now thanks to GIN audio's and updates, small things Kevin
> Trudeau talks about on his radio-network. I loved his audio-seminars
> the most. It wasn't to much show and it wasn't always the same kind
> of show ! I did 9 years telemarketing-management and that have given
> me some skills to hear a lot of details.
> If you make step by step 100 small changes after 2 years it is a big
> changes : natural soap, no toothpaste with flu-or, no drugs and
> medicine, not much alcohol, no sun-lotion, using bio-products, no
> micro-waved food, no fast food and processed food ( we stopped with
> cornflakes), all of our children have better results in school, the
> house is most of the time good organised. Together(3) we lost 40 kg
> of overweight. We makes notes of the updates, and the downloaded
> seminars, of the books we read, we have pictures on the walls of our
> dreams. We sponsor 2 children (Ethiopia and Guatemala) (one of our
> dreams is to sponsor and have contact with a lot of poor children) .
> We have friends in Spain (and a lot of contacts). Maybe for you it is
> not so special, but for us it is to be grateful for.
> We never could do this on our own. Not without Kevin Trudeau . He is
> the one who expands our vision the most and daily. The email's and
> updates we get every week let us focus on our own dreams. (yes
> sometimes it is provocative !) The positive vibrations of the messages
> we listen and read motivate us to focus on become better persons. We
> are very happy with the GIN - system. Last month we did our first
> event in Paris. We liked the information a lot and also the people
> there. We made new 'dutch' speaking friends. I don't think we are
> hypnotized by any of the teachers and leaders of GIN, and of course
> our commitment to Gin is growing because we apply as much advice in
> our live and we see and feel the results. And to apply it day after
> day in our family and find solutions that is financial possible for us
> is not as easy.
> Finding now friends, stay out of the negative people , doing what you
> belief is right, helping the community, connect with people globally
> and find the good persons and organisations for our goals, baking our
> bread every day, weeding the garden, cleaning in front of our own
> house, being conscious about the energy we use and staying all
> healthy without using drugs : it is a challenge and a decision you
> have to make every day.
> There are differences in culture/ style between country's and Belgium
> is a mix of a lot . We have 4 regions, 3 languages, and in history
> this was the global battlefield for 2000 years. Annemie and me studied
> last 2 years a lot about this wars, the politics who made this wars
> possible. We found eye- opining information thanks to KT (alone).
> I talked with a lot of members in Europe and the seminars of KT are
> for them the most inspiring. I find very interesting idea's from members
> of Germany on FB.  I (LMAO) laugh a lot when Isee KT in his oberbayern outfit .
  I just don't like that style although I'm always impressed about
mountains in Germany,
   Osterreich, Suisse and North Italia !
> We have family living in America and in other country's that gives me
> more a global view. But my vision is still so small . We learned a
> lot about vaccinations, gmo, chem-trail's, the secret organisations,
> austerity economics, the bankster, Ron Paul, Monsanto etc. thanks to
> be involved with the GIN club. We are a small country with not an
> independent press. And Now I know, I don't know a lot !
> This attitude makes a great difference. It is not once in a life time
> you have to make decisions on your hopes, dreams, believes and love .
> Life goes on, there is new technology, new idea's, new people, new
> opportunities, new challenges, new organisations, new leaders, new
> friendship etc It's not about white or dark, it's not about
> perfection. And a both all : we are humans. Spirits in a body with
> light and darkness on a journey !
> To grow Gin, it is an excellent idea, we need to make more progress.
> We find it very good to start with a charter, board of trusty etc.
> specially because it will be built up from members from all the
> continent's and different cultures and religions .
> We don't want to close our eyes for the negative in society, in
> organisations, in ourselves and we work on this to make a difference.
> I can laugh with myself, difference in style, culture and goals of the
> people in my live. We all need a little bit compassion.
Of course we search for the gold, the hope, the alternatives etc .
 Guys that is the truth ! I'm in Gin because it is a private
> global business club with people who learn to reach there goals. It is
> not an American club ! It is not a dating club ! It is not a private
> club ! I don't want to be in a club with a leadership who don't
> see the international potential and the interest of all the members.
> Before I can have financial independence I have to be myself and be
> the best person I can be and if I want to be the next day better and
> better I have to work on this every day. The new system (with webinars, local speakers)
 will make it easier for me.
Nobody is perfect, nothing is perfect, we are humans,
> but to built up GIN I think it is for the good in the world. In my
> opinion this is the right direction. Kevin Trudeau will never let steal his
> dream ....
> Thanks KT, thanks  the staff of The Global Information Network , thanks Matthew LoCicero
> and thanks to all this members,affiliates and friends who want to make a better world and
> want to make GIN the best private global club for personal
> development. I'm focused on my own dreams! And If you hate me for that
> let's talk about it private , if you love me for that, tell it your
> friends !
> Johan Persyn
P.S. : my code is : safe !
          You find some video's on this website about Gin.
If GIN is not resonating with you, please join another club or follow
a seminar to work on your
personal development. I love you all !

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