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----- Original Message -----
From: "Microsoft Department Of Promotion" <>
Sent: Saturday, November 21, 2009 12:00 AM

Microsoft Department of Promotion
Microsoft Italy s.p.a.
Dpt 2444 .
via del casale vecchio 2 Roma,

Attention: Lucky Winner,

A happy new day to you, as we congratulate you, being one of the lucky winners of the result of the Annual Microsoft Email Award held on the 21st of November 2009 in Italy . Your email address emerged as one of the 10 lucky winners selected electronically by our Electronic lotto Wheel. The total sum of ?1.500,000 (One Million five hundred thousand euro) has been accredited to your email address file number.
Winners were selected randomly from our list of millions of email addresses around Europe, Asia, some parts of South America to promote computer literacy worldwide as well as to advertise our software and computer products. This promotion was sponsored by a conglomerate of software and computer promotion companies like Intel Group, Toshiba, Dell Computers Apple, and other International software and computers manufacturing Companies.
Your email address number in our file was chosen in the European lottery Coupon network whereby your number came up as one of the lucky winners of our prize money, hence, your price money will be remitted to your choice account, in your country through CITIBANK European Branch.
Your winning details are as follows:

Batch No: QTM5177240
Email File No:QR6622
Coupon No: QTR21009

Amount Won: 1.500,000 (One Million Five Hundred Thousand Euro)
Contact CITIBANK Italia immediately for verification, processing and transferring of your price money to you in your country. Remember to forward them your winning details for confirmation.

Full Name :

Tel Number:


Occupation :


Contact Citibank with the below contact info:
Contact Info:
Foreign Remittance Department
Citibank Italia s.p.a
Contact person

Foreign Remittance Department
Citibank Italia s.p.a

Gan-Franco Luca


James Frank

Via ceasare batista 23/b, Roma Italy
On behalf of our CEO Mr. Bill Gates, all the 2009 promotion sponsors, we congratulate you on your winning..
Mrs. Manzanita Faro Prof. Tom Southgate
(Publicity Secretary) (On-line Coordinator)

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