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Following is a SCAM!

It comes with a image attachment 'YOUR ACCOUNT.jpg (810Kb)' as shown here.

It is sent as if it comes from 
Microsoft and it contains names like Grace Campbell (Fund Disbursement Manager) and Catherine Brenner/Catherina Brenner (Information Officer).



---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Admin <>
Date: Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 9:20 PM

Please read attached letter. Catherine Brenner

Attachment: YOUR ACCOUNT.jpg (810Kb)



game studios





Microsoft Marketing Centre

61-70 Southampton

Row,Bloomsbury London

United Kingdom WC1 B 4AR

Tel: +44 7005-942-022.


You are a Winner in the Microsoft Promotion!!

Dear Valued User,

Winning Reference Number:                         

Serial Number:

This is to inform you that your E-mail Address emerged as a winner of an

Amount of Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds (£500,000.00 GBP or

$810,000.00 USD) in the Microsoft Online Promotion as organized by the

Marketing Centre in London, United Kingdom (UK). Your E-mail attached to

the Reference number was luckily drawn in our Automatic

Computer Balloting System as one of our winners in the first category of our online lottery bonanza (Confirmation Pin: 000037736). This is from the total prize money of £50,000,000.00 GBP shared among the 100 international
winners in this category.


Funds MUST be claimed by the email owner ONLY within 90 days from the

day of notification. To file claim, contact our Fund Disbursement Manager

Mrs. Grace Campbell. Provide her with the below stated information. Send the following details to her E-mail Address:


1. Your Full name:-           2. Country of Residence:-            3. Age:-     4. Occupation:-        5.

Nationality:-        6. Mobile/Fax Number:-           7. Alternative Email:-

8. Winning Confirmation Pin:-               000037736


Fund Disbursement Manager:

Mrs. Grace Campbell

Tel: +44 7005-942-022




Ms Catherina Brenner

Information Officer


As we focus on making a difference in people's lives, people focus on Mircrosoft® and acknowledge the possibilities we offer to those we serve.


8 Responses to “SCAM-CONFIRM INFO-Microsoft 2012 online promotion-Grace Campbell-Catherine Brenner-Catherina Brenner Information Officer”

  1. # Blogger Halcie James

    they just sent me one last week also.. bu I just closed it and spammed it. But i was a fool and sent them my account number, and swift code. I declare in the name of Jesus that these scam artist will be dealt with for their wrong doings. In Jesus name.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I also received one! Tried to call the number on the letter but couldn't get through. I gave them the details that they asked for on the letter. Will they be able to do anything with the details that I gave them? :(  

  3. # Blogger Agnes

    To the right person with the right know-how, yes, the requested information is enough to steal your identity. That's what put me on guard when I read the letter my husband got; that and the imperfect English. If the letter really did come from a legitimate British company, the English within would have been perfect (no grammatical errors/omitted articles).  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    did someone get their money?  

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  6. # Blogger Claus

    They changed it a little bit, jos got a new look a like today!  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    They changed it a bit and they don't include Catherine Brenner's photo anymore. The bad grammar and the fact that I won a boatload of money in a non-existing contest was a dead giveaway, so I spammed and deleted. I don't know how people fall for things like that. =/  

  8. # Blogger Mahesh Trellis

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