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[SPAM] email lists

>>>> Following is a SPAM!!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
    Subject: email lists
    From: "catheter Gilmore" <Storyblhsziltgpw@PLEASEDONTREPLYHERE.TK>
    Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2011 06:53:42 -0500

Healthcare List Bundle: $199 for all 21 complete lists below
 * Also available, Business Lists, Foregin Business Lists and Consumer data
*** Don't reply to this email, instead please send email to for samples and more info ***

Physicians (34 specialties)
Database    :     788k records, 17k emails, 200k fax numbers
Database    :     108,421 total records * 3,414 emails * 6,553 fax numbers
Alternative Medicine
Database    :     1,141,602 total records with 36,320 emails and 38.935 fax numbers
Database    :     164k records, 45k emails, 77k fax numbers
Dentists with Specialties
Database    :     30k records all with emails
Database    :     78,986 total records with 1,438  emails and 1,050  fax numbers
Database    :     10,661 Emails for hospitals in the USA
Nursing Homes
Database    :     31,589 Senior Administrators, 11,288 Nursing Directors in over 14,706 Nursing Homes (full contact info no emails)
Pharmaceutical Companies
Database    :     47,000 emails of pharma company employees
Physical Therapists
Database    :     125,460 total records with 5,483 emails and 4,405 fax numbers
Oncology Doctors
Database    :     2,200 records all with emails
US Surgery Centers
Database    :     85k records and 14k emails
Database    :     23,988 records 1,826 emails
Massage Therapists
Database    :     76,701 records and 8,305 emails
Medical Equipment Suppliers
Database    :     67,425 total records with 6,940 emails and 5,812 fax numbers
Mental Health Counselors
Database    :     283,184 records 7,206 emails
Visiting Nurses & RN's
Database    :     91,386 total records with 2,788 emails and 2,390 fax numbers
Database    :     63,837 records 2,015 emails
Database    :     272,188 records and 9,874 emails
Healthcare Recruiters
Database    :     11,370 emails for active healthcare recruiters in the USA
Plastic Surgeons
Database    :     23,109 emails with full data

Please email here for counts and sample spreadsheets. We also sell lists individually at reduced prices.

Send email to for deleted status

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